Monday, 15 April 2013

Rest in Peace the 96 - Descanse en Paz los 96 - YNWA

“December 19th 2012”

Now it’s finally been made official, what we’ve always known.
The 96 deaths were ‘no accident,’ the original verdict overthrown.
Families and friends will sleep a little easier in their beds tonight.
They are another step closer to justice to seeing the end in sight.

It took no longer than ninety minutes to bury for good an old lie.
Twenty three years it took to do that so still we all wonder why.
The campaigns have gathered momentum, let’s keep up the pace.
Now they need to start matching corruption to many a liar’s face.

There’s still a long way to go, new inquests and inquiries to come.
The patience and dignity of the campaigners has never been undone.
Those people deserve to see justice served for all their effort and toll.
Never have those campaigners ever shirked from seeking their goal.

                         mikeb58 – RAWK


lover said...

Amen... JFT96. YNWA.

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