Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rest in Peace the 96 - Descanse en Paz los 96 - YNWA

Check the ticket's in my wallet
Then swig a cup of tea
7.30 in the morning
One game from Wembley

Out the door and on the street
Off to meet the boys
To sing the songs we love to sing
And fill the ground with noise

The coach pulls up and we all pile on
Belly full of butterflies
Then off to Sheffield we all go
The FA cup our prize

9.00am and the songs have started
I talk about the game
To a young lad thats sat next to me
I didn't catch his name

The journeys taking hours
And we cross the Pennine hills
But my mind drifts off to Hillsborough
As I dream of Beardsley's skills

"My favourite player's Aldo"
Says the boy sat next to me
His eyes full of excitement
And his words are filled with glee

"I'm meeting me mate when I get to the ground"
"He's travelling up by train"
"I'll see you back here on the coach"
"When we've beaten Forest again"

The coach pulled up and off he went
Going to meet his friend
I check my ticket once again

It's getting near to kick off
And I'm getting close to the ground
But nobody seems to be moving
I'm stuck tight in this crowd

I'm just starting to panic
And a bizzie opens the gate
A red tide moves down the tunnel
Moving closer to thier fate

I remember clearly that tunnel
And the light shone at the end
And as I think back to that fateful day
I still can't comprehend

That the coppers called us vandals
And drunken loutish liars
And the media fed us spite and hate
When compassion was required

But back to that day and the things I saw
Unfold before my eyes
The sight of grown men screaming
And the air was full of cries

But I was one of the lucky ones
Because I came home alive
I watched heroes in scarves on the pitch
Trying helplessly to revive-

Their friends their family and strangers
Who'd all come to watch a game
But their lives were crushed that fateful day
On a terrace called Leppings Lane

The memories still haunt me
Every time I go to sleep
But theres one memory that gets me
And always makes me weep

Back on the coach with my head on the glass
I remember my heart it skipped a beat
When I turned to the young lad next to me
And noticed his empty seat

There were 96 empty seats that day
96 friends that we lost
And while Kelvin counted the pennies
The families counted the loss

So next time you're at Anfield
Visit the eternal flame
Feel the stone cold marble
And touch a person's name

And while you say a silent prayer
And your dreams are tossed and blown
Remember those 96 empty seats
That must never walk alone

___Justice for the 96___


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