Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Unbelievable - article by Teo J.

Can you believe that this very season we had Hicks and Gillett for owners? Can you believe that this very season we had Konchesky and Poulsen in the starting XI? Can you believe that this very season we were seriously facing a relegation battle?
    It is hard to believe that only a few months later we would, instead of two liars and leeches, would have owners that cleared the debt, truly understands the Liverpool way, and who actually come to games and interacts with the fans. It is hard to believe that instead of Konchesky and Poulsen, players around 30 with high salaries, we would have a 22 year old scouser and a 17 year old scouser playing those positions. It is hard to believe that instead of a relegation battle we are actually challanging for 5th place.

    Apart from three major changes mentioned above, there are three "smaller" key moments this season that made it so very special for me personally (in chronological order).

    February 6th. A could be legend showed his true colours when the storm was blowing and we needed him the most. Torres thought the grass were greener and took off. Naturally, in a season with all the right ingredients of a great drama, he was fated to meet his former club in his first appearance. Meireles did score, we did win away to Chelsea, and there were friendly handshakes before the game, but I was Agger that day, and I had a message.

    April 15th. From a could be legend to a true Liverpool legend. On the Hillsborough memorial service that marked the 22nd anniversary Rafael Benitez was there. Almost a year earlier he had been sacked and since then was never thanked (in public) for all that he did. Not only was he a great manager for Liverpool giving us magic european nights and trophies, but he understood the club, the city and the fans. He understood Hillsborough and was always there to support and as a symbol to that he donated £96,000 to the HFSG. For all these things he was never thanked, until April 15th. Rafa cried, and I cried like I haven't done in years.

    April 17th. Jack Robinson, (who became the youngest ever Liverpool player under Rafa) a 17 year old local lad makes his season debut in the 21st minute as a substitute away at Arsenal. Kenny knows the pressure that Jack must feel and in a moment of brilliant man management, just before he is subbed on, takes his arm and tells him a joke to dampen any jitters. Robinson comes on and does brilliantly against the likes of van Persie and one of the fastest wingers in the league; Theo Walcott.

    I remember sending those mails and being an internet terrorist. I remember watching Roy go for a draw against Wigan. I also remember all those mails somewhere being worth it when we got new owners, leaving H&G with a loss in the process. And I remember getting a revenge at Manchester United and Manchester City. In a season with all the drama of a Shakespearian play, but instead of the all stab and everyone dies ending we can see a golden sky and hear the sweet silver song of a lark. We didn't win a trophy this season, but for many of us we won the biggest trophy of them all: we got our Liverpool back!




    Luis JFT96 said...

    Esto muy de acuerdo con el artículo de Teo. Si sólo nos quedamos con el puesto final en el que va a terminar el equipo (5º o 6º) la lectura sería que hemos realizado un temporada muy deficiente, sin embargo, un análisis más profundo, y un poco de perspectiva, nos muestra que han sucedido demasiados acontecimientos positivos, desde enero en adelante, como para pasarlos por alto.

    Este punto se demuestra fácilmente recorriendo los foros de opinión de aficionados liverpudlians en los que curiosamente, pese a haber perdido la hegemonía (al menos en cuanto a títulos de liga, en otros aspectos nunca llegarán a estar a nuestro nivel), se ve más optimismo ante el futuro que desazón por el pasado inmediato.

    La sensación es que somos un equipo mucho más fuerte, desde la directiva hasta quienes saltan a jugar, que en septiembre del año pasado.

    Walk on!

    lover said...

    It's a fantastic article, Teo!!! Absolutely agree with you. I look the next season with hope and faith... But we have to sign right in the summer, because need more key player than Suarez, I'm afraid!

    Thanks for write here, Teo!!

    Dave wilson said...

    great post Teo!

    We are on the march of kenny's army!

    cant wait to see summer signings the king brings in and for next season to start cumon u redmen!

    ynwa and best regards


    Anonymous said...

    Buenisimo, me encanta que mencione lo de los jugadores jovenes y locales que es lo que, por lo menos para mi, necesita el club y define su esencia. Se habla mucho de fichar y fichar pero hay que dar oportunidades a la cantera y construir, no comprar. Lo importante de este club no es lo que gana y deja de ganar sino de como gana.

    Great article, I like what you say about young and local players . I think they really deserve the oportunity. I believe that our club needs that. The main thing about LFC is not just wining, is the way we win. We must build a club, not buy a club.

    Y N W A

    Aitor Diez

    Anonymous said...

    Truly great post Teo!

    This summer FSG have to step to the plate as much as Kenny and the lads have in the 2nd half of the season - Quality not Quantity...

    Next season could truly be a glorious one for us... and that glory will taste all the sweeter for the lows we have experienced this season.

    The perch will be back in safe hands this time next year!



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