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Como estoy cansado de escuchar “qué bien” o “qué regular” está el Liverpool FC desde que lo entrena Dalglish, he confeccionado por mi cuenta la clasificación de la Premier a día de hoy desde que llegó Kenny Dalglish. (Restando los puntos desde la última jornada que entrenó Roy Hodgson hasta la jornada que acabó el lunes 25 de abril)

Estos son los datos:

Since I am tired of hearing about how Liverpool FC is doing “OK” since Dalglish took over their training, I have drawn up my own Premier League table from the day that Kenny Dalglish arrived. (Taking away the points up to and including Roy Hodgson’s last game, counting up to the matches played up until Monday 25 April).

These are the data:

1) Chelsea: 32 ptos (en 13 games)
2) Man Utd: 29 ptos (en 14)
3) Liverpool FC: 27 ptos (en 14)
4) Arsenal: 24 ptos (en 13)
5) Everton: 22 ptos (en 13)
6) Aston Villa: 20 ptos (en 13)
7) Tottenham: 19 ptos (en 12)
8) W.B.A.: 18 ptos (en 13)
9) Man City: 17 ptos (en 11)
10) Fulham: 17 ptos (en 12)
11) Bolton: 16 ptos (en 11)
12) Birmingham: 16 ptos (en 14)
13) Newcastle: 13 ptos (en 13)
14) Wigan: 13 ptos (en 13)
15) Stoke City: 12 ptos (en 12)
16) West Ham: 12 ptos (en 12)
17) Wolves: 12 ptos (en 12)
18) Blackpool: 8 ptos (en 15)
19) Sunderland: 8 ptos (en 12)
20) Blackburn: 7 ptos (en 12)

En fin, con Dalglish seguro que estaríamos al menos en Champions, a seis puntos del primero con un partido más (que visto lo visto de ahora, está muy bien)

Fuente: Lover News.

So, with Dalglish we would be assured of Champions League football, six points off the top with one more game played (looking at it now, that’s rather good).

Source: Lover News. 


IAN said...

This would give us around 73 points over a full season if you take the per match average. Definitely good enough for a CL place in 99% of seasons which is progress, but we are still a few players short of really challenging for the title in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, Dalglish has been fantastic for the club and has reversed the decline that started with the previous owners and was then accentuated and accelerated by Hodge Podge Face Rub. He has also been prepared (although somewhat forced) to give youngsters a chance which I think is another massive positive.

All in all the future is bright, but it certainly ain't Orange, it's RED!!!

Luis JFT96 said...

Obviamente mejora mucho los números de Hodgson, pero hay mucho que mejorar de cara a la temporada que viene.

Hay que reconocer que cogió un equipo deprimido, y al menos ahora se ven más sonrisas, en el campo y en la grada.

Buen trabajo Lover, hay que estar muy mal para ponerse a hacer clasificaciones de media temporada ;)

Teo said...

As much as I love King Kenny and what he has done in all his years for Liverpool and since coming back it's quite unfair to divide a season like this.

Dalglish never really had to manage a sulking Torres, horrible owners, and a general disbelief. Full credit to Kenny for instilling new hope but he didn't face a Joe Cole red card 44 minutes in to the season or a Reina own goal in the last minute of the first game. Roy, as opposed to Kenny, never had Suarez nor Carroll at his disposal either.

I'm not out to defend Roy or make Kennys achievements any less worth, but one really have to nuance things and put it into perspective more than to show a before and after table like this. In all fairness, it's not that black and white.


Jorge-George Olmos said...

Uy si nos quedaran más jornadas, gran trabajo

Pax said...

Los números son irrefutables. Aupa Kenny
¿Nos conformamos con ser terceros?
¿Qué haría Dalglish con tres o cuatro refuerzos ABSOLUTAMENTE necesarios?
Yo quiero ser campeón, quiero ser ambicioso con el Liverpool.
¿Podemos? ¿Pueden los actuales dueños (qué palabra fea hablando de un club de tantos...) hacer un equipo REALMENTE competitivo?

lover said...

@Teo: I agree with you. I only made the table because is a recurrent topic of conversation in the pub, independently on what it show. I don't have an opinion about if we need Dalglish the next season, or Villas Boas, or other... In my opinion, is more important sign kay players full of talent (please, don't spend 14 m.pounds in Jose Enrique from Newcastle). We need talent: Silvas, Ryangiggs, Suarezs, Fabregas... Let the other places in the squad to the Academy.

mark said...

The table does not compare Kenny with Hodgson. It compares Kenny with the other teams and how they have performed since January.

Kenny had no pre-season, included in his results are matches where he had no opportunity to conduct a single full rather than recovery training session with his players.

Kenny has been able to call on Steven Gerrard for 4 matches in the last 14. He dealt with a Torres who knew he was shipping out for the first few games and then dealt with integrating new strikers one of whom was injured and could not play. He has dealt with a real injury crisis afflicting our defence. He inherited a squad low on confidence and belief.

He had a red card 30 minutes into his first match back - that meant his captain was unavailable for 3 matches.

He has intregrated new players stepping into the first team for the first time in some instances, the second time in others.

You want to talk nuances?

I feel sad, genuinely, for any one who is still doing the "I like Kenny but..." dance it smacks of an agenda and if you can't give heartfelt recognition, thanks and admiration for what he has achieved then really you are missing out on a chance to be happy and to enjoy supporting your club and your manager fully. Right now we have a chance to do that unreservedly and unashamedly because it has been earnt and is deserved.

The fact some can't be happy or talk about Villas Boas just goes to show some of our fans can never be happy.

Pax said...

Exactly my red friends!
We need talent, not parches (patchs). And expensive patchs! No, never.
Of course the problem is the money, but dont buy things you could find in the Academy.
Gastar por gastar, no!

Teo said...


I never mentioned Villas Boas, or said that anyone but Kenny should manage, and believe me I am happy for my club right now.

You make some good points, like Gerrards red card (and the penalty from Agger) as well but I think you genuinly minunderstood my post.

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