Monday, 29 September 2008

Liverpool v PSV Eindhoven Wed 1 Oct (k.o. 2045 CET)

Well here are our most recent results against PSV:

12 Sep, 2006 CL Group Phase A 0-0
22 Nov, 2006 CL Group Phase H 2-0
03 Apr, 2007 CL Quarter Final (1) A 3-0
11 Apr, 2007 CL Quarter Final (2) H 1-0

I'm guessing a 2-0 victory for us on Wednesday...

...or maybe just 1-0 if this kid turns up in the crowd again, quite scary.

This game is on UK Sky Sports 2 so see you all in the Triskel.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Everton v Liverpool Sat 27 Sep (k.o. 1345 CET)

Well it's off to the "People's Club" on Saturday and here is a well known Scouser demonstrating his club allegiance.

The match is on UK Sky Sports 1 so the MADrid REDS should be in the Triskel for this one.

We will let you know if there is a change of venue.

Your Editor is very glad not to be going to Woodison for this one, it's just nasty there these days - I shall watch it with the Danish Reds instead.


Many thanks to the Danish Reds for their hospitality and sharing this great result, Niels, Webmartin, Robert, Hans, the guys whose names I didn't catch and of course Nut and her excellent Thai food at the Cafesporten (Thai) Falkoner Alle 54, 2000 FRB.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Liverpool v Crewe Alexandra Tue 23 Sep (k.o. 2100 CET)

Well, this fixture does not seem to be available on any channel anywhere.

If that changes we will let you know.

For those people who went to the Triskel on Saturday "demanding" to see the Stoke game - well, we weren't there because they don't have an IRISH Setanta decoder (as mentioned on this site). Though this might change soon...

We will usually be in the Triskel for televised games, but not when they are unavailable on the Triskel's decoders. So please, read this site before each game to find out where the game is being shown and if you haven't done your homework "deberes", please don't hassle the Triskel staff if you turn up there and find that the game is not on.

Thanks for your understanding.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Liverpool v Stoke City Sat 20 Sep (k.o. 1600 CET)



The nice people at the Irish Rover have confirmed that they will be showing the game on their IRISH Setanta Decoder - ¡nos vemos allí!


Continuing the theme of not-so-easy-on-the-eye shirts in the last couple of posts (Newton Heath's green & yellow and OM's peach and sky-blue) here for your visual enjoyment is the Stoke City away shirt from 1993. No tengo palabras, solo ¡ay! "ouch!"

So far, we understand that this game is being shown on IRISH Setanta Sports 1 - so we need to find a pub with an IRISH Setanta decoder willing to show the match. We know that the Irish Rover can show these games and we will make some enquiries with them to make sure that they will show it.

Further details to follow, but we will almost definitely NOT be meeting in the Triskel for this one.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Olympique Marseille v Liverpool Tue 16 Sept (k.o. 2045 CET; 0445 +1d AusEST)

Well it's back to the Stade Velodrome and this game is on UK ITV1.

There are simultaneous Barca and Atleti matches (v Sporting Lisbon and v PSV, respectively) but we will ask for this game to be shown on the big screen in the Triskel "Caverna"

It's probably a bit early in the CL competition for us to recreate some of the underground scenes of last season on Tuesday night, but we could try.

With a kick off time of 0445 here in Sydney, your Editor is not sure whether to stay awake or go to bed early for this one...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Liverpool v Manchester United Sat 13 Sep (k.o. 1345 CET)

Well it seems that this game will be available live to every country on Earth and for us in Madrid via UK Sky Sports 1 - we will meet at the Triskel as usual.

Your Editor will be watching the game in Sydney - which is not the only reason why there is a green and "gold" shirt on this page. There is a prize of a pint of Foster's available for the first person to tell me the relevance of this shirt to this match.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Return of the RedTie

Well whilst the Villa game was a little frustrating to watch - we have 7 points out of 9, have conceded only 1 goal and have qualified for the CL Group stages - this is what is keeping most Reds mostly happy despite the strange things happening on and off the pitch at Liverpool so far this season...

More local reasons to be cheerful are that we have back-to-back games against Club Atlético de Madrid to look forward to on 22 Oct (Madrid) and 4 Nov (Anfield). Watch this space for possible ticket information.

An even more relevant reason for the readers of this blog to smile is that the MADrid REDS tie (given to Rafa in Elche back in June) made its first Premier League appearance on Sunday!!! After the 1-0 victory against Lazio (good bye and thank you for the goal Voro) and this strange 0-0, at least the tie is still unbeaten too...

NEWS JUST IN --- here are the finalists of the MADrid REDS Rafa Doppelgänger competition ---

Please place your votes for los sospechosos habituales (LEFT-1-2-3-4-5-RIGHT) in the comments, thank you.