Monday, 1 September 2008

Return of the RedTie

Well whilst the Villa game was a little frustrating to watch - we have 7 points out of 9, have conceded only 1 goal and have qualified for the CL Group stages - this is what is keeping most Reds mostly happy despite the strange things happening on and off the pitch at Liverpool so far this season...

More local reasons to be cheerful are that we have back-to-back games against Club Atlético de Madrid to look forward to on 22 Oct (Madrid) and 4 Nov (Anfield). Watch this space for possible ticket information.

An even more relevant reason for the readers of this blog to smile is that the MADrid REDS tie (given to Rafa in Elche back in June) made its first Premier League appearance on Sunday!!! After the 1-0 victory against Lazio (good bye and thank you for the goal Voro) and this strange 0-0, at least the tie is still unbeaten too...

NEWS JUST IN --- here are the finalists of the MADrid REDS Rafa Doppelgänger competition ---

Please place your votes for los sospechosos habituales (LEFT-1-2-3-4-5-RIGHT) in the comments, thank you.


Stubbins said...

What a amazing "detallazo" from Rafa wearing your tie again!!!

I saw his tie watching the game (with Guy) on TV and I talk to myself "It seems MADrid Reds tie". So it was. Congratulations.

What a dangerous fivesome!! Please don't make a FULL MONTY perfomance.

Salut amics!! Nos vemos en el Manzanares!!

PS: Apologize my poor english.

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