Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Standard Liege v Liverpool Wed 13 Aug (k.o. 2005 CET)

For anyone still left in Madrid this early-August Wednesday, we will be at the Triskel Tavern for this game - or Moore's Tribunal nearby if the Triskel is closed and at the beach. Full location details at top right hand corner of the homepage here.


MADrid REDS said...

Rafa's Views On Liege Match: We Were Lucky!

Rafa Benitez has admitted that Liverpool were fortunate to return from Belgium without being beating on Wednesday in their Champions League qualifier. The Reds managed a 0-0 draw with Standard Liege, but no one can deny we were fortunate to get this as Liege were the better side throughout and Rafa wasn't pleased with this, as he explained to

'I think we were lucky not to concede.

'You never know what is going to happen when a game gets underway but clearly we didn't play well.

'The performance was poor but the result was good. We didn't concede away from home which is always important and to play the second-leg at Anfield could make a massive difference.

'The positive thing was the result and we didn't have to say too much about the display in the dressing room because everybody already knew it wasn't good.'

Liege were hungry, they hustled and bustled us throughout and never gave us a moment to settle on the ball as they forced errors out of us. But for Pepe Reina, who made several important stops including the penalty save we could have lost two or three nil in the end and will need to improve dramatically in the second leg or we could go out.

We should be too strong at Anfield, but nothing should be taken for granted.


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