Thursday, 28 August 2008

Aston Villa v Liverpool Sun 31 Aug (k.o. 1700 CET; 0100+1d AusEST)

Well if anyone still has the stomach "tiene las agallas" (and heart) for watching some more live LFC match action - we should be in the Triskel as usual for this one (live on UK Sky Sports 1).

If that changes we will let you know.


Andrew said...

seat of your pants footie you cant beat it

Andrew said...

what I mean to say is leave it till 2 mins to go and then score, just on the point when your fans had given up all hope of not going ot pens..... what stress.....

Stubbins said...

Tenemos agallas!!!!

Buuuufff!!! What a strange game!!

I was very scary all the match, but finally we've been succesful.

Atlético in the Champs draw.

MADrid brothers, we'll see you soon in the Calderon's game.

PS: Apologize my poor english.

MADrid REDS said...

Thank you Dirky Kuyt.

@BCN Reds: Nos vemos en el Calderon!

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